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Among others, The American Heart Association recommendations for Worksite Wellness Programs[1], call for  “ … regular physical activity…and changes in the work environment that encourage healthy behaviors “ (p. 1725). The American Heart Association continues“ …The social and physical environment of the work place should be designed to be conducive to recommended behaviors…” (p. 1726).
So far so good, but what kind of environmental modifications can employers actually make to encourage physical activity in their employees? Some employers provide “passive motion seating”, such as exercise balls or passive motion chairs – trouble is that these do not really lead to meaningful increases in physical activity throughout the workday[2]. Some employers are opening exercise gyms at work. Work gyms are obviously expensive, but their use also requires employees to stop working – which directly interferes with productivity.
With Active Motion Sitting machines, such as activeLife TrainerTM employers can implement the recommendations of the American Heart Association in a meaningful way without taking employees away from their work.
Users of activeLife TrainerTM  are safely seated on their favorite office chair but have the ability to move their legs thanks to the under-desk elliptical machine. The quiet, low intensity walking motion does not interfere with work productivity – many users actually find they are more productive while pedaling away gently!

If you practice Active Motion Sitting on your activeLife TrainerTM you too can be Active at WorkSM