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van der Ploeg HP, Chey T, Korda RJ, Banks E, Bauman A. Sitting time and all-cause mortality risk in 222,497 Australian adults. Arch Intern Med. 2012 Mar 26;172(6):494-500.

This longitudinal study of more than 200,000 adults aged 45 and over living in Australia  found that those sitting for more than 11 hours per day increase their risk of dying from any cause by more than 40% compared to those sitting less than 4 hours a day …. And that finding applies WHETHER OR NOT you also exercise. I.e. this study shows that sitting still too much is always bad for you. The finding applies also to all age groups in the above 45 years-old crowd. Even if you’re only 50 years old, your risk of dying is 40% higher if you sit still too much!

Of course most of us don’t just sit for leisure, most of us have little choice because our work demands that we work at a computer or use a phone – we’re chained to our work stations.

This is where activeLife Trainer comes in. With activeLife Trainer, you can gently move your legs while being securely seated on a comfortable chair.  With activeLife Trainer you can truly exercise at work....and play.... to improve your wellness. The exercise is low intensity – about doubling your calorie consumption vs. sitting still – this ensures that you do not sweat and do not become breathy while you use it. And with activeLife Trainer, your upper body is perfectly still for computer work, reading, or watching TV.