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A team of US researchers has conducted a comprehensive ‘Proof of Concept’ study on Active Motion Sitting. First volunteer office workers tried out Active Motion Sitting for a half hour while they performed standard work tasks such as reading, typing, and making a phone call. Results showed participants enjoyed the experience, were able to do their work, and generally liked Active Motion Sitting (96% wanted to use it daily). Encouraged, the researchers then gave a second group of office workers access to Active Motion Sitting and took careful measures of their cardio-vascular and muscle activation. They also asked them to perform a battery of cognitive and find motor tests designed to simulate demanding office work. Results showed that even at low resistance (level 4 of 24) participants more than doubled calories burned while still being able to perform all simulated work duties….only when the speed of mouse pointing was measured was there a difference about 1/10th of a second (mouse pointing accuracy stayed the same.)

Reference: Carr, L.J., Maeda, H., Luther, B, Rider, P., Tucker, S.J., & Leonhard C. (2014). "Acceptability and effects of a seated active workstation during sedentary work: A proof of concept study". International Journal of Workplace Health Management, 7, 2-15.