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Carr, LJ Luther, B, Rider, P and Leonhard, C. (2013) Comparing the Physical, Cognitive and Work Performance Effects of Using an Active Elliptical Machine Desk versus a Standard Desk. Annals of Behavioral Medicine. 45(S2):B159.

A controlled scientific study published in the 'Annals of Behavior Medicine' and presented at the 2013 meeting of the Society for Behavioral Medicine on the use of Active Motion Seating - the same technology as in activeLife TrainerTM among sedentery overweight office workers had the following results:

  • Completing work tasks during light intensity pedaling on LifeBalance Station resulted in significant increases in heart rate, systolic BP, energy expenditure and activation of the biceps femoris and vastus lateralis leg muscles compared to the desk/chair condition.
  • No group differences were observed for activation of the multifidus back muscle.
  • No differences were observed for cognitive measures of learning, memory or attention.
  • No group differences were observed for simulated work performance task measures of typing speed, typing errors or mouse drag time.
  • Mouse aim time performance was better while completing work tasks in the standard desk/chair compared to using Active Motion Seating

While this study used our former device, LifeBalance Station, these findings are scientific evidence that Active Motion Seating - which is what you do on activeLife Trainer™  - allows office workers to double metabolic rate while safely completing a full range of office tasks - and without strain on the back muscles

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