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Koster A, Caserotti P, Patel KV, Matthews CE, Berrigan D, Van Domelen DR, Brychta RJ, Chen KY, Harris TB.  Association of sedentary time with mortality independent of moderate to vigorous physical activity. PLoS One. 2012;7(6):e37696. Epub 2012 Jun 13.

This study followed about 1,900 normal Americans aged 50 or above for about three years during which time 145 people died. The study found that those that were more sedentary had a much higher likelihood of death than those that were more active AND that moderate or vigorous exercise did not reduce the risk of death due to low levels of physical activity. I.e.  being physically inactive is bad for your EVEN IF you exercise at other times. Of course moderate to vigorous exercise IS healthy for you – it just can’t undo the damage you do to yourself by sitting still too much.

But wait, I love playing video games, and I am chained to my computer to make a living and can’t exercise or work out!

This is where activeLife Trainer,TM comes in. With activeLife TrainerTM you can gently move your legs while being securely seated on your favorite chair.  With activeLife TrainerTM you can truly exercise at work ... and play .... to improve your wellness. The exercise is very low intensity – about doubling your calorie consumption vs. sitting still – this ensures that you do not sweat and do not become breathy while you use it. Unlike with treadmill desks, when you use your activeLife TrainerTM you are comfortably and safely seated so your hands and eyes are steady. This allows you to be productive ... or have fun ...all while getting exercise!

active Life TrainerTM ~ Active at WorkSM