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To lower your weight by one pound, you need to either burn another 3,500 kcal, eat 3,500 kcal less … or a combination of both!

Standing while your work or sitting on an exercise ball are popular options for desk workers who try to lose weight. But how many more calories do you actually burn while seated on a ball or while standing up? A recent study[1] found that sitting on a ball or standing at an adjustable desk burns an additional 4 kcal per hour. So to lose one pound of weight, you’d have to sit on a ball or stand at your desk for about 850 extra hours!
Contrast that with activeLife TrainerTM.Active motion seating - with gentle, low intensity leg motions- burns about 130 kcal per hour and that’s about 65 kcal more than you burn just sitting still. To burn up an additional 3,500 kcal, you’d need to sit and use your activeLife TrainerTM for about 50 hours.
850 hours of standing vs. 50 hours of sitting while pedaling gently.

activeLife TrainerTM ~ Acitve at WorkSM!