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John D, Thompson DL, Raynor H, Bielak K, Rider B, Bassett DR. Treadmill workstations: a worksite physical activity intervention in overweight and obese office workers. J Phys Act Health. 2011;8:1034-1043.

Study of 12 overweight office workers which shows that when you give office workers the chance to actively move at their work station – in this study by giving them a treadmill desk – they lose weight and generally improve their health over a 9 month time span.

This means that it IS feasible to become physically active WHILE doing other work. Then the only question is which device is best suited for this purpose. While some may be able to walk perched on a treadmill and get office work done, with activeLife TrainerTM you make gentle, low intensity leg motions while safely seated on your favorite office chair.

And activeLife TrainerTM slips right under your existing desk so you don't need to find space for a huge treadmill / desk combo in your work space.

activeLife TrainerTM ~ Active at WorkSM!