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The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed activeLife Trainer™ inventor Chris Leonhard as part of an article on possible safety and work productivity problems with various treadmill desks and workstations designed for exercise. For example, many people find it harder to type while walking, and there is some concern that sitting on a "stability ball" is bad for your posture.

“Some companies have asked their employees to sign waivers before using the equipment, say treadmill desk manufacturers. Issues include whether it is OK to drink hot beverages while walking on a motorized machine and appropriate footwear. The LifeBalance Station [the model that preceeded activeLife TrainerTM ] is designed to be used with high heels, says its developer Christoph Leonhard, a professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.”

Where the Wall Street Journal article falls short is in recognizing that seated active motion, such as activeLife TrainerTM or LifeBalance Station™ successfully solves these and other inherent problems of treadmill desks: Because users are safely seated while physically active, there's virtually no risk of slips and falls and users' mental and typing abilities are fully intact. Also, because activeLife TrainerTM uses a gentle, low intensity motion WHILE SEATED, it is very joint friendly which further reduces the risk of being injured while using an "active work station."

activeLife TrainerTM ~ Active at WorkSM!